The Tiramisu Circus: Guide to Stabilizing Knit Fabrics

3 Hours Past the Edge of the World

Yesterday, I covered a few simple basics for beginners to encourage newbie knits sewists to sit down and play.  I mentioned stabilizing tape for shoulder seams and in this post I’m expanding on that topic to include every type of stabilization for knits I’ve ever tried.

If you use another method not listed, I invite you to link or leave a nice detailed comment.  It’s important to know many ways to do the same thing, because some methods are suitable for some applications and simply don’t work for others.  It’s good to have a nice full “toolbox” of skills as a sewist.

When it applies, I note my preferred method that works for me in my sewing.  I like to try all kinds of ways of doing things, and I tend to settle on the simplest/easiest/lightest/most versatile/easily washable method I find but I’m always delighted to discover a…

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